Luke Prior

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Phone: (613) 434-2136

Fax: (613) 499-9634


Luke’s experience in workplace law began when he was just a teenager, working for a large University’s Labour Relations Department. There, he first witnessed the complexities of workplace law, and the avenues available to employees looking to assert their rights. It was also there that he decided that a career focussing on workplace law was a great fit for him. The reason Luke went to law school was to help people, and he sees the workplace as one of the most important places where he can do this. As Justice Dickson wrote in a famous Supreme Court case: “Work is one of the most fundamental aspects in a person's life…A person's employment is an essential component of his or her sense of identity, self worth and emotional well being.” So after several years of education at both of Ottawa’s universities, and with the mentorship and guidance of several, community-renowned experts in workplace law, Luke decided it was time to open his own practice.

Luke is a passionate advocate for workers who have been mistreated, or otherwise have contractual rights to be asserted.

Luke has several hobbies, including jogging down to Mooney’s Bay or Lansdowne Park, having patio drinks with friends, and singing lullabies to his beloved cat, Rocco.