Contract Work

In addition to working for my own clients, I love dealing with complex issues, handling tricky research questions, and crafting creative arguments for other lawyers. A fresh perspective on a difficult file will frequently change your strategy and open up new legal pathways for your client. I am happy to provide a variety of contract-based services for lawyers and law firms across Ontario. These include:

  • Writing research memos and arguments;
  • Drafting demand letters;
  • Drafting pleadings;
  • Reviewing and synthesizing discovery transcripts;
  • Drafting and arguing motions; and,
  • Writing blog posts.

Upon request, I will provide you with samples of my legal memos (redacted as appropriate).

You can also check out my blog for an idea of my more informal writing style. I have a flexible, hourly rate, negotiable depending on your matter’s risk profile.



Lynn Harnden (Founding Partner at Emond Harnden):

“I worked on several files with Luke during his articles at EH. His research work was consistently thorough, and he always showed an understanding of the intricate legal topics and the precise product that we were looking for. I would recommend him for any contract work that your firm is seeking.”

Daniel Tucker-Simmons (Owner at Avant Law, PC):

“I hired Luke to draft a factum, complete research, review discovery transcripts, and draft various correspondence. His work was consistently excellent – and it was an immense time-saver during a very busy time at my practice. I highly recommend him for any contract work that your firm is seeking.”

Robert Monti (Senior Associate at MBC Law)

"In my former role as In-House Counsel and Director of Labour Relation I supervised Luke during his time as a student at Carleton’s Human Resources Department. His research work was consistently thorough, timely and on point.  He was able to discern the nuances of new issues as they arose. He was a pleasure to have on the team. He exceeded expectations and I came to place great confidence in his thoroughness and accuracy. I unequivocally recommend him for any contract work that your firm requires."

J.D. Sharp (Partner at Emond Harnden):

“I was fortunate to work closely with Luke during his outstanding year of articles before he started his own firm.  I have always been impressed with his attention to detail and the creativity and practicality of his approach.  He also has a great appreciation of the human element of law and he creates and maintains great relationships with clients.  I have no hesitation in recommending Luke for any file or assignment, I know that he will bring his dedication and considerable skills to every situation.  Clients will be fortunate to have him on their side.”

Porter Heffernan (Partner at Emond Harnden):

“I had the pleasure of supervising Luke as his articling principal. His work was thorough, insightful and delivered on time every time. Throughout his articling term, he was a model of reliable, professional and ethical practice. I have no hesitation recommending him for contract work.”

Céline Delorme (Partner at Emond Harnden)

“Luke produced several pieces of work for me during his time at Emond Harnden. His research and synthesis of some quite difficult topics was consistently on point and highly useful. For any firms looking for contract work or clients looking for a thorough and detail-oriented lawyer, I would recommend Luke without hesitation.”

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