Employment Law

What I do

As an employee, you may be entitled to compensation or have other legal entitlements for several possible reasons:

  • Wrongful dismissal
  • COVID-19-related issues
  • Dismissal in “bad faith”
  • Human rights violations
  • Forming a union
  • Raising a health and safety issue
  • Discrimination
  • Disability
  • Harassment and sexual harassment
  • “Toxic” work environments
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Layoffs
  • Breach of privacy
  • Restraints on trade (i.e. limits on an employee’s ability to work in the industry following their contract’s termination)

Why do you need a lawyer?

Because workplace law is a complex field. Having a lawyer by your side will make the process of asserting your rights as smooth as possible.

Judges have written thousands of decisions outlining what employees’ legal rights include, and they continue to update those decisions with new twists and turns every day. On top of that, there are several complex and ever-changing laws and regulations that set out employee rights and restrictions on what employers can do. When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, these changes to the legal landscape multiplied.

The good news: I understand workplace law, and will work to find you a solution to whatever workplace-related issue you may be facing. This involves assessing your legal rights, completing legal research, reviewing employment contracts, negotiating on your behalf, asserting your legal rights with a variety of possible letters and communications, advocating for you at mediations, acting for organizations in the unionized setting, and representing you or your organization in court, arbitration, or at a variety of other possible tribunals where necessary.

I will be by your side as you navigate this complex area of law.

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