Options for Representation

My goal is to find a pricing model that works for you.

I offer a variety of payment methods and methods of representation to clients, depending on the type of case, complexity of the case, and risk level involved.

These include:

  1. Limited scope retainers. This is a method of representation where I limit the services that I will provide to clients in order to reduce costs. For example, an "exploratory" retainer involves hiring a lawyer to complete initial fact-gathering and legal research, resulting in a legal opinion to the client as to next steps. From there, the client can choose to pursue their claim and agree to a further retainer as appropriate. In some cases, clients themselves will be in the best position to complete some work (for example, writing a chronology of events) that will reduce the time that the lawyer must spend on the file, and of course reduce the cost to the client.
  2. Block fees. For several services, I will offer fixed fees to clients depending on the issue at hand and the complexity of the issue. For example, if you would like me to review a contract prior to signing, or draft a contract, I will typically do so for a flat fee.
  3. Hourly fees, with an estimate as to total cost, and an option for sliding-scale fees in appropriate circumstances.
  4. Contingency fees. This option involves no cost to the client up front. The client is responsible for expenses (disbursements) only, meaning that the client incurs no legal fees. Upon completion of the retainer, the client pays the lawyer a set percentage of the award obtained (if any). The range of percentages I charge depend on the size of the potential award of damages. Where the size of the potential damages award is relatively large, I charge as low as 15% of the value of the claim as the fee. Where a very low amount of damages is available and the client still wishes to proceed, I charge up to 50% of the value of the claim as the fee. Typically, my fee is between 20% and 30%.
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